Summer has gone, our work remains

while pictures and memories remain from holidays, Jamatora new boardgames still require commitment

After a few months of hard work, we spent a great vacation relaxing and enjoying the escape from everyday duties.

The heat with a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius did not affect us encouraging us to do anything other than looking for a shade or bathing in cool water.

Meetings with long-lost friends and family, without looking nervously at the watch, were a nice element of spending free time.

One of the most important holiday moments for us is the yacht-bridge season. At Lake Szeląg Wielki in a small cozy summer house we move to another world.

Far away from the city bustle, you can hear the voice of the tit, quail, woodpecker and at night the eagle owl. The distant voice of a child or a woodcutter floats on the wonderful, soft silk waves of the lake. When we lie on the pier, slow white clouds swirl in the sky as blue as a diamond. From time to time herons and pelicans fly from white withered birches and poplars. Sailing to the other side there is nothing but a breeze and water and everything above.

Hiking to the forest for mushrooms and also in search of wild herbs. The evening rain knocks on the window glass while we, sitting in the comfort of the kitchen, spread the deck to the next batch of bridge, sipping this year’s homemade quince, plum brandy and honey.

The rainbow during the day stretches from one hill on the other side of the lake to the horizon at the invisible edge of the forest.

The smell of fields and meadows breaks into the pillow every night under the starry sky, on which from time to time the incoming meteor will flash for a moment, which will disappear somewhere in the silence of stars.

Although working in Jamatora and creating new games is our passion, holiday rest has allowed us to return to work with a new look.

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