“SAMPORIUM” – “Slaves Of Rome” – weekly update – episode # 13

Nihil bonum nisi quod honestum, nihil malum nisi quod turpe” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Nothing good except what is honorable, nothing evil but what a shame.

As you probably know from earlier posts, the “Samporium” is set in “Slaves of Rome +” (SOR+) world. We did a huge development in both within past half of the year.

Samporium and SOR+ have grown and for this reason it was time to give them a bit of a separate place.

Thus, www.samporium.com and www.slavesofrome.com were formed.

At the moment those changes are not visible, because more efforts we put in next Phase of work under Samporium.

July and August we spent on modeling of first dozen of Minis. Some sketches are on the table but we wait for workforce to arrive.

We also started new communication channels: Support and Forum. You can find it here:

`https://support.jamatora.com and https://forum.jamatora.com

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