Slaves Of Rome – episode #2

Ab Iove principium

Today I finished the translation of the first set of main Production items. And it should be a very good afternoon, only that after that accidentally I noticed the appearance of a new game under our working title – Imagine how furious I was and frustrated.

It got stuck when I saw not only the same name but after all that the competitive production is of adult sex genre, wow!

Well, what a shit, I thought at first moment. Then I thought it would be best to come up with a new name for “Slaves Of Rome“. Well, I was looking, that and that and synonyms (i.e. :, and so on. But unfortunately, nothing came of it.

But later I thought that I created the first concept of the game and gave it the title in 2017 and I could not predict the situation like today.
In addition, I do not think that for this reason I must necessarily change both the title of the game and, as a consequence, the narrative of the game and perhaps also the other elements.

Not because I do not want to work, but on the contrary, because I have already done a lot of work.

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