Slaves Of Rome – episode #1

My work on “Slaves Of Rome” still goes on and last week I went through hundreds of my notes and thousands of photos from a six-month trip to Italy and chose 66 each type of animals, plants, trees and minerals typical only for this piece of land.

Many of them were still fresh in my memory but to be sure I was looking for additional information and tips from other sources.

Google tools such as: “Google Maps Timeline” (to track my routes), “Google Photos” (I take a backup of all my photos there) were really helpful, as well as my personal GPS Navigation saved tracks and from my Android phone app “Offline Maps & Navigation” history.

As it turned out, this task was not easy, because there is no literature, which was limited only to the area of the Apennine peninsula.

For example, it is difficult to know if the lizards that run around me every day in Oderzo or the other in San Benedetto Po occur only in this area?

Only a careful search and comparison of source materials (like “Specie botaniche in Italia“, “” or many others ) with my observations and photos proved that the ordinary lizard is nothing strange in other parts of Europe, but the Grey wall lizard (which I remember even entering the car) is typical only for this region.

However, finally my list was complete !!! and I was happy for it, because next part of work was ready.

Of course, this was not the end of work with the list, because I had to translate all 264 names scrupulously into 3 languages (Latin, Italian and Polish). Three more translations (French, German, Russian) I will leave for later.

Today, 66 + 20 names are ready, so half a bit still – let me finish before the Saturday trip to Germany.

The game info you can find hereSlaves of Romeon

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