“SAMPORIUM” – “Slaves Of Rome” – weekly update – episode # 12

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Samporium is still under development and today we still have long way to go. For now we have finished Phase I.

What that means? Well, the core mechanics got some improvements and along with expansions we added new interesting cross-join features.

Right now the second version of prototype is on the go in print house. Let’s say we wait for it quite excited because it will show us how far we are in progress of work.

The main board is now optimized for better gameplay.

All three expansion are ready for test. One of them is specially for 6th player to join the game.

Second expansion gets new elements, characters and it comes with different mechanics.

Third expansion is like no other but please be patient until reveal it all.

In the next few weeks will be available 4th expansion – Terrain Structures.

In the late summer we plan to start first public tests of updated prototype of Samporium.

If you are interested to join Jamatora Beta Tester Club please send us message with text “join” on beta@jamatora.com

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