Slaves Of Rome – episode #2

Ab Iove principium Today I finished the translation of the first set of main Production items. And it should be a very good afternoon, only that after that accidentally I noticed the appearance of a new game under our working title – Imagine how furious I was and frustrated. It got stuck when I saw not only the same name but after all that the competitive production is of adult sex genre, wow! Well, what a shit, I thought at

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Slaves Of Rome – episode #1

My work on “Slaves Of Rome” still goes on and last week I went through hundreds of my notes and thousands of photos from a six-month trip to Italy and chose 66 each type of animals, plants, trees and minerals typical only for this piece of land. Many of them were still fresh in my memory but to be sure I was looking for additional information and tips from other sources. Google tools such as: “Google Maps Timeline” (to track

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Back to the past or how “Slaves Of Rome” was made

two years ago, one autumn day, during another portion of reading Roman myths, I realized how much we owe the civilization of the Roman Empire. A funny thought came to my mind, to revive the spirit of countless, nameless heroes of those times, which they were not the commanders or reach people but simply ordinary people who, by their effort, they built the power of Rome. They were called Slaves, slaves of Great Roman Empire. A bit time later the

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